Technical Consulting Services

In the framework of networking re-design and optimization projects, Fermorite conducts an initial audit of the customer’s networking infrastructure and networking equipment configuration. This comprehensive assessment covers all aspects of the customer’s physical and logical networking configuration, both for internal as well as for external services and applications. In the scope of this networking assessment also the structured cabling setup of the customer’s environment is analyzed and checked for compliance with industry structured cabling certifications.

Creation of gap analysis table with description of all discovered issues, a classification of each issue severity and detailed recommendations for implementing relevant solutions and environment optimizations as per vendor and industry best practices.

Fermorite personnel visits the customer’s environment to perform the networking checks in all copper, fiber and wireless networks. As an outcome of the networking assessment, Fermorite creates a detailed networking optimization plan, which concerns the re-design of all layers of active and passive network elements as per vendor and industry global best practices. The deliverables of a network re-design and optimization project include the following:

Networking physical and logical audit report

Structured cabling (horizontal and vertical) technical certification status

Validation of the structured cabling certification

Re-design and optimization plan and action item list

Implementation of the recommended optimization plan and of the action item list

Monitoring and alerting solution for managing all aspects of the optimized networking infrastructure